Tableau Training in Singapore

We offer Tableau Training in Singapore. Tableau is the most popular data visualizaiton software. As a result, this Tableau training in Singapore will teach you the essential features of Tableau. You will get a good education on the core features of Tableau.

What you learn in Tableau Training in Singapore course:

  • Tableau Data Visualisation View
  • Tableau Dashboard & Story
  • Tableau Worksheets
  • Actions in Tableau
  • Connecting to a Data Source
  • Data Join and Data Pivot in Tableau
  • Level of Expressions
  • Map Visualisation in Tableau
  • Organise Data with Filter, Group & Set
  • Field Calculation
  • Parameters

Who Should Attend

This Tableau training is suitable for

  • Data Scientists
  • Data Analysts
  • Digital Marketers


This Tabeau training is a beginner course. No prior knowledge on Tableau is required

Software Requirement

Download and install Tableau Desktop Trial

You can also download a free version of Tableau Public from

Note that we don’t provide Tableau software.

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