Finally am able to get back to you. I’ve been busy organizing stuff.

So here’s the plan. We’re are organizing an online virtual summit where there will be several speakers or presenters from different companies in the tech industry.
Usually we would run an offline event but since we are in these times working at home, we’re doing an online virtual summit.

We will market this summit to our large database of tech professionals, business owners and the c-suite community.
The presentations are all recorded so you don’t need to schedule in the time to present live in person.

We will only release the presentations 9orn the day of the virtual summit.

if you do not have a speaker we have a way to turn your sales slides into a video presentation for the virtual summit.
here are some of the virtual summits that have generated good exposure and brain reach for the companies in the tech industry.

Please note we have 4 spots open. If you want to reserve your dpot apply here –

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