Google Ad Success Stories: Global Knowledge Training Center (Google Partner)


Global Knowledge Training Center offers IT training of the Google Cloud Platform as well as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure Cloud and Oracle Database.

The training center was experiencing a reduction in leads and course/seminar registrations. And wanted to improve on their leads generation and course attendance.


Initiated Google Ads and Facebook Ads including remarketing/ retargeting ads and Lookalikes.

Managed a budget of 5k – 10k per month.

Optimised and tested different audience segments to get the best Cost Per Click(CPC), Cost Per Lead(CPL) and Cost Per Acquisition(CPA)

Setup Google Analytics to measure and track digital marketing metrics including website visitor traffic, channel segmentation and many more…

Optimised Landing Page for conversion. Including Headline and body Copywriting.

Optimising the Offer and Marketing Angle.


Leads and Attendance to courses/seminars increased between 25 – 80%

Achieved significant savings on Cost Per Click, Cost Per Lead and Cost Per Acquisition.

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