Samsung Galaxy S8 to Be Revealed in April 2017

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Samsung is releasing the Galaxy S8 this April in Singapore and worldwide.

The S8 will be released in America on 21 april 2017 and in Singapore on 28 April 2017.

We take a first look at the awesome features of the new S8 here at

First of all, the physical home button on the S8 is finally gone. This makes space for a larger and longer screen space. Although I know some people may still prefer to have that physical button. Samsung calss this the Infinity Display.


The S8 has an iris scanner, which you can use to unlock the phone.

Or you can use the facial scanner. The S8 facial scanner is more faster but less secure.

The S8 even has a fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone.

S8 Display Screen Size

The S8 has a massive 5.8 inch screen. And it’s a beautiful curved screen by default. The new screen resolution is 2,960 x 1,440 pixels, which equates to 570ppi for the S8.

S8 Personal Assistant

Now you made have heard of Siri on the iPhone which is a voice personal assistant. With the S8 you too can get a voice personal assistant software. It’s called Bixby. Ok Siri and Bixby, they do rhyme and sound cute.

The useful thing with the S8 Bixby is it can identify objects and offer related links.

S8 Camera

For the front camera you get a 8 mega pixel camera.

S8 Water Proof Features

For those who loved the S7 water proof features, don’t worry the S8 has continued to be water resistant with the highest rating of IP68

Charging Features of S8

The S8 supports wireless and fast charging and unlike the iPhone the S8 still has a headphone jack.

S8 Dex (Samsung Desktop Experience)

The S8 has a separate dock called DeX which displays a version of Android on your computer desktop. Now that’s useful and cool. As you can display your phone’s content and apps on the bigger desktop screen for the whole family and friends to enjoy!!!

The S8 DeX dock, looks like a candle holder and it supports a HDMI monitor connection, keyboard, mouse, and 2 USB ports.


Galaxy S8 VR Experience

The Galaxy S8 is compatible with Samsung Gear VR with Controller and can connect to the new Gear 360 to create 4K 360-degree videos and 15-megapixel photos.

S8 Storage

You’ll get 64GB onboard memory with the S8. There is also a microSD slot.

Samsung Galaxy S8 price

The Samsung Galalxy S8 price will range from US $800 to $900.

S8 Plus

The S8 Plus will come at a screen size of 6.2inch

The Best Samsung S8 Videos

Here on we’ve collated the best Samsung Galaxy S8 videos and Event videos:

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Launch Event LIVE

The S8 Launch event is what a Business Event should be like. It’s Exciting with many eager attendees. Watch it here on


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