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Most business owners we consult with struggle to get enough PR Reach to convert into Leads/Sales.

Here at we help you get PR Reach and exposure for your events/business/product launch.

Whether you want to reach 1000 people or 100,000 people we can help you.

When you use our service you can tell us which industry you specifically want to target.

Below is a list of our pricing:

 Reach 10000 people | Price: $200

Reach 50000 people | Price:$1000

Reach 100K people | Price: $2000

Reach 200K people | Price: $4000

Reach 500K people | Price: $10000

Reach 1 Million people | Price: $20000

 Reach more than 1 Million people
Price: email for custom quote


We know exactly what it takes to get the number of PR Reach and exposure for your events as our team have in depth experience in various B2C and B2B industries.

Plus we can also target by location.

Whether you want to target only people in Singapore or those in New York we can help.


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