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Alex Ali Rahmat is the founder of SgBusinessEvents.com – one of the largest business #EventPublicity online media network across Singapore and the bigger Indonesia markets.
Known as a “the idea guy”, many business owners and marketers seek his advice on generating “creative marketing ideas”.

And even the more lucrative “new revenue generating ideas”.
He is a leader in the area of online #EventPublicity and #EventMarketing solutions.
Should you wish to take your business events to a new level of #EventPublicity, you can consult with Ali by filling in this form to arrange for your appointment.

Please note: Ali charges a premium for his #EventPublicity and #BusinessConsulting service. So if you are serious about your publicity and marketing, do fill up the appoinment form first, then assuming there is a good fit, we will get back to you with a consulting outline.

Our SgBusinessEvents.com Story

Ali founded SgBusinessEvents.com from his passion of going and participating in various Business Events where there are many opportunities to network with other business leaders.

And there are also many possbilities to LEARN new knowledge, because Ali believes in the motto ‘Never Stop Learning’ – Learning is one of the elements of success as he teaches on his blog website SuccessofBusiness.com

Ali developed the SgBusinessEvents #EventPublicity services and solutions in order to cater to the many different publicity needs of Business Owners and Entrepreneurs the world over who wishes to market their events in the Island Nation of Singapore. He discovered that many B2B and B2C Business Owners wanted to specifically market their events to other businesses who are specifically located in Singapore.

If they are located in Singapore, it means they can actually attend the business events or any future business events happening in Singapore.

Also Ali wanted to give some kind of press media coverage to these business events in Singapore. Where online readers can simply and conveniently come to one place online and see all the latest happenings of business events in Singapore.

The SgBusinessEvents website has many sections as explained below:
1. Upcoming Business Events – you can view upcoming business events in Singapore. Busines events can be in the form of:

Trade Shows
Learning Workshops
Networking events

2. Press Releases – Thesebare press media coverage that cover the PRE and POST event.

3. Articles – Gives business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers, sales and event professionals tips on improving their #EventMarketing

4. Courses – Online courses to help you learn How to Improve Your Event Marketing

The fun and exciting thing is readers can also view highlight videos of the business events.
And also easily “S h a r e” any content they find interesting or made them eagerly excited 🙂
So what are you waiting for, go and attend a business event and “s h a r e” the experiences here on SgBusinessEvents.com

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