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If you’re an event planner, perhaps you already know that blogging can be an incredibly useful for communicating to your target audience.

But you might think that blogging is best left to other websites or businesses.

I’m going to try to convince you that, that is not the case.

In fact, your upcoming conference or event could benefit from adding a blog to your event website.

Don’t be intimidated about having to frequently publish content, posting great content occasionally is much better than posting mediocre or unhelpful content regularly.

Here are the top 5 reasons to start an event blog:

1. Connect To Attendees: It’s hard creating a good connection between an event and attendees.
Before the event happens, you can create communities and various networks, and send email blasts.
It’s nice to have informative and important content all in one searchable place. An event blog can set the mood for attendees and set their expectations when you create informative primer articles for them to read.

An event blog is also a great place to make key announcements.

Not only does a blog provide event organizers with a forum where they can set attendee expectations, create buzz, and better reach attendees.

It also provides attendees with another medium to chat with one another.

The comments section of your blog can become a place for attendees to discuss event related ideas, and begin to get the know one another before the event.

2. Boost Social Media Reach: Content marketing involves creating amazing content, which you’ll publish to your blog. Once published, you can promote it on social media channels. If you don’t have any content to promote, then you have a lot less to say on social media. After all, how many times can you remind your followers to register for your event? Those sort of badgering Tweets aren’t nearly as effective as ones that share information.

Create informative and interesting content for your blog and then share it proudly on your social media platforms. When your followers re-share your content, you’ll grow your social media reach, plus you’ll be keeping your event in the minds of potential attendees. Moreover, you’ll be driving highly qualified traffic to your event website, so once readers have finished consumer content, they will be more compelled to register to your event.

3. Showcase Speakers and Trainers or even Sales People: Your event blog is a great place to showcase speakers. these types of articles, your blog is a great forum to showcase event speakers. You may choose to conduct an interview via email, and just publish the speaker’s answers. Or you can shoot a video, publish it on your blog and write a brief blurb about it.

Either way, your speakers will appreciate the extra exposure, your attendees will be excited about getting a glimpse at what they’ll learn at your event, and you will have great content to market on social media and in email newsletters.

4. Continue The Conversation: Just because your event has concluded doesn’t mean you can’t remain engaged with attendees. A blog is a fantastic way to continue the conversation by consistently posting helpful and educational information related to the topic of your event.

5. Boost SEO Performance: A while ago, we published a white paper for event organizers on how to improve SEO ranking for event websites. Click here to download a copy of it. A great way to rank well for keywords related to your event, and thus show up in search results when potential attendees are researching what events to attend, is to have a great blog.

Simply by writing about issues related to the industry your event is related to will help your entire website to rank better. This will help to attract more qualified visitors to your event website, and will also help you to sell more tickets.

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