Apple wants you to replace your laptop with an iPad Pro

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Apple’s recent advertising push, which wishes to convince the world that the iPad Pro is a full replacement for a computer, has likely not been well-received.

Apple refreshed its laptop line over 2015 and 2016, where it launched the 12-inch MacBook, and upgraded MacBook Pros, seemingly leaving the MacBook Air.

It’s not clear whether the MacBook Air will be revived.

Apple is currently pushing users to either shell out at least $1,300 for a new MacBook, or $600 for the base-model iPad Pro.

The iPad and MacBook lines are still kept separate on the company’s website.

Apple refers to the iPad Pro as “Super. Computer.” in advertising on its homepage.

There’s been no similar push for its new Mac laptops.

Apple’s recent marketing campaign for the iPad Pro revolves around answering “real problems” from computer users: It showed real tweets with complaints people have had about their computers, and responds that an iPad Pro would not have similar problems. The campaign sets the iPad Pro up as Apple’s most approachable, and useful, computer for the average person—people who just want to print a single piece of paper, who don’t want to lug heavy laptops to class, or who want to declutter their lives.


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