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5 Social Media and Public Relations Tactics You Need to Know

1. Vary Your Strategy for Each Channel

Choose what social media channels best fit your brand — remember, not every social media channel is going to be effective. For example, many B2B companies find that LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are the most effective ways to reach their audience.

While all of your channels should be consistent, using the same profile pictures and same basic content, you will want to vary it based on the merits of each network — Facebook is great for live videos, Instagram for visuals, LinkedIn for groups and thought leadership. Play on the strengths of each network to get the most out of each.

2. Cross Promote Your Social Media Channels

Your social media channels should not be mutually exclusive. Consider using one of your channels to promote another.

For example, if you are planning a Facebook Live video (perhaps promoting a product or interviewing an industry expert), promote it on Linkedin or Twitter with a friendly message, “We’re excited to announce we’ll be live over on our Facebook page this Friday at 5:00 pm, interviewing noted expert, [XYZ]. Feel free to come on over!

3. Create Customer-Centric Messages

Social media audiences have little to no patience for salesy, self-promotional content. But this raises a good question: how can you engage your audience while still lifting brand awareness?

Most of what you do on social media should be centered around customer needs. Share content that answers customer questions or helps them to improve their business. Promote contests, giveaways, and discount codes that will benefit your audience. Then when you occasionally share self-promotional content, such as company news and product launches, followers will be more likely to pay attention.

4. Build Relationships with Journalists

Journalists often take an active role on social media, so this can be a great way to reach out and build relationships with them.

Get the attention of journalists within your industry by following, commenting, and sharing their content. They will often take note of such engagement.

After a while, once you’ve established a rapport, you might reach out, perhaps with a news item that falls within their beat. You can also use social media to research the kinds of stories they write and post on social media, which you can use to make your pitch more personal.

5. Promote Your Press Releases

While social media does not replace your press release strategy, it can be a nice way to augment it.

There are a number of ways to use social media to promote your press release. For example, include click to tweet links within your release or share a preview of your release across your social media channels. Share video or images from your release to social media to engage people.

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